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Parish students entering 7th grade through high school who wish to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation are required to complete our parish program which includes attendance at group meetings, Youth Masses, service to others, a retreat and completion of a Teen Safety online training course.

A baptismal certificate and evidence that the registrant has made their First Communion is required at the time of registration.

Contact Information:
Heather Bernat, Confirmation Coordinator, 650-574-8716,

Confirmation sessions are held on Sunday mornings.

Program Information: 2 year program using CHOSEN from Ascension Press

Confirmation I is open to students 7th grade and older. It is taught at 10:15am on Sundays.

This is the first step of preparation for the reception of Sacrament of Confirmation. Emphasizing our personal relationship with God, Jesus and the Church and discusses who is God; who is Jesus; how Jesus Christ is alive in the Church today and; how the Church lives on as the body of Christ. Confirmation I is a prerequisite for taking Confirmation II.

Confirmation II is taught at 10:00am on Sundays.

This is a continuation of their Faith Journey towards receiving their sacrament. In the final steps toward becoming fully initiated members of the Church, candidates explore the bigger picture of the Gospel message, better understand the value of Jesus in their lives, what living a sacramental life means, and the power to answer the call of discipleship.

Personal Safety Curriculum Requirements for Faith Formation Students: As part of the Bishop’s Charter for the Protection of Children, students in levels 4yr through level 3 will participate in a personal safety curriculum called “Talking About Touching” which will be taught during regular class sessions. Parents will be invited to an information session about this curriculum. Students in grade 4-8 will be asked to complete an online training course each year from the Shield the Vulnerable website.