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Finance Council

The Finance Council advises the pastor on financial matters according to the policies and procedures of the Archdiocese of San Francisco and Canon Law.

The Council acts as a consultative body for the pastor in establishing and reviewing both church and school finances. A budget is established annually to help the parish carry out its mission and ministries. The budget is compared to actual spending and is reviewed regularly by the Council.

  • Ron Simonian - Chairperson
  • Michael Adam
  • Antoinette Johnson
  • Rod Linhares
  • Brian Sullivan

They work in close collaboration with:

A. The Church and School representatives:

  • Fr. Mark Reburiano - Pastor
  • Rachel Allid, PMP - Parish Manager
  • Javi Oledan - Bookkeeper


  • Johanna McCormack - Principal

B. Archdiocesan Finance Department representatives:

  • Michael Flanagan - Chief Financial Officer
  • Rodney Yee - Manager of Parish and DCS Support