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Parish Mission Statement


Welcoming all to enrich our Faith Community by building Souls through relevant Evangelization.


The vision of the parish is to fully support the evangelization of the faith community.

Evangelization is seen as the core essence of the parish's role. The parish aims to engage in programs, projects, and activities that are relevant to the current times and meet the needs of the community. The goal is to do more than enough for the parishioners, providing catechism and religious education, offering sacraments, and ensuring priests visit the parochial school. The parish also aims to provide spiritual refreshment through daily masses and reconciliations.

Additionally, the parish seeks to offer charitable assistance through second collections, create social traditions such as the festival, other parish events; and, outreach during liturgical seasons as Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter.

Building strong parish communication is a priority to ensure that parishioners can actively participate. The aim is to foster a community with an involved congregation that can contribute their ideas and efforts towards decisions that shape the future of the parish. Ultimately, the vision is to make the parish a model community that stands out in fulfilling the mission of Christ. The parish welcomes feedback and comments as part of its continuous growth and improvement.