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Parish Council

The Parish Council serves in an advisory capacity to the pastor and is to utilize the many and varied gifts of the laity in service to the Church as it continues to carry out the mission of Christ.

The members of this Parish Council represent a cross section of the parish and assist the pastor in visioning and directing the various aspects of parish life. They make decisions on behalf of the people in the parish and have an overall responsibility for the well-being of the local community. They are closest to the community and provide a focus for the community to identify concerns and projects and endeavor to solve them locally themselves.

The Parish Council is a body where inspiration can be received to make decisions, better serve individuals and families and plan and coordinate the work of the Church.

  • Susan Jensen - Chairperson
  • Maria Ohms - Co-Chairperson
  • Juanita Casillas
  • Billy Ick
  • Raffy Jison
  • Maria Pignati
  • Clifford Romell