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Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick

This Sacrament is especially for those experiencing illness, a chronic condition or facing a medical procedure. It is particularly of benefit for those in hospice or approaching death. Please note that previous to the reforms of the Second Vatican Council, this sacrament was often called ‘The Last Rites’ or Extreme Unction. It is still a common misconception that it is desirable to wait until death is imminent before administering the sacrament. To the contrary, in situations of life-threatening illness or approaching death, the sacrament is best celebrated as early on as possible in the process. In renaming this sacrament the Anointing of the Sick, the bishops of the Council intended that the sacrament be used to give God’s special grace to those suffering from serious illness or advanced age. While it is still used for those in danger of death, today it is used more often and intended to be a source of spiritual and physical healing for those who suffer from serious illness or disease.

Contact Information:
Please call the Parish Office at 650-345-8506 to request/schedule an Anointing. If an individual is gravely ill or in hospice, please call our office and schedule an Anointing as early as possible in the course of a serious illness. Do not wait until death is imminent. If the Sacrament is required in a life-threatening emergency, please call the above phone number and you will be directed specifically how to contact one of the priests at any time.